I first fell in love with stories as a child. Stories were my wonderland, my time machine, my dreamscape.
I believe in the power of a good story to bring about change. To inspire. To paint a picture in different hues. To take us all on a journey of the imagination and infinite possibilities.
Are you ready? 

Marketing is storytelling. Great stories sell.


Can you tell the story of your company in under a minute? There are a number of key ingredients that enable you to capture not just mindshare, but heartshare. It starts with clarity. Are you able to explain your value proposition over a cup of cocoa to an 8 year old? Will they get it? More importantly, will they want to know how it works?


That's where I can help, by crafting a compelling story. Over the years, I've written diverse content including brochures, web copy, ad copy, blogs, articles, press releases and video scripts for B2C and B2B companies in South Africa and Israel. I have the experience and the credentials, but more importantly, I have the commitment, enthusiasm and drive to tell your story, and tell it well.