It's been a long journey from my homeland, South Africa, to the Western Galilee in Israel, where I've lived for the past 20 years.

From my earliest years, I loved music. It could lift me up, make me smile, get my feet tapping, and my body moving.
From the age of 12, playing the guitar gave me the freedom to sing the songs of my choosing. Much later, it helped me give voice to my thoughts and feelings, to create a musical tapestry of my personal history, laid bare.
My first album, Free, was created in 2014. It's a glimpse into my life, as I saw it then. 
Further writings took place during my participation in the Mekorock project and can be heard on my YouTube channel.
Now, as I write these words, I'm embarking on a new chapter to create healing music. Music that comes from the heart and speaks to the soul. I'll meet you there.


In telling our own stories through song, we provide a pathway for others to get in touch with their memories, emotions and soul songs.

Music is more powerful than we can begin to imagine, if we just let it work its magic.

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